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[24 Oct 2007|02:59pm]
Stop trying to hack my myspace. Whoever you are. Its annoying. It will only further piss me off the more times you try to do it. I'm not impressed at all by your lack of repsect for me or my things. I'm just tired of having to fill out some stupid verification thing, because someone who doesn't know my password keeps trying to log in. My password is difficult for a reason.
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I felt like I should update [11 May 2007|10:34am]
My little brother is getting married in Vegas in August :/.
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Tony Lovato [26 Mar 2007|12:08am]

Last night I was grocery shopping at the local Ralph's grocery store here in Studio City. My friend was with me and she is all "isn't that the one guy from that one band." I looked up and I go "Dude, Its Tony Lovato" so anyway I proceeded to go up and talk to him. We talked about Mest, this bar where we used to hang called Sudsy Malone's, sugar free slurpees, and a bunch of other random nonsense including gigging about Jere working in a bank now.

I woke up at 7AM this morning to go down to the bus stop. I catch the 8AM bus every Sunday from Studio City down to Sherman Oaks. The police were not on the scene yet when I left therefore I noticed nothing out of the ordinary. Apparently this evening though there are news vans all around my apartment. I live in an apartment complex almost directly behind where the stabbing took place.

I'm still in a slight shock that the events even occurred
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[18 Sep 2005|03:35pm]
Gaia Online anime roleplaying community

Referred by: AngelMaria82
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Promo [21 Aug 2005|06:38pm]
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For the First time in a Year and a Half I have something to say about Someone [15 Jul 2005|06:25pm]
I feel that I owe Colby a major thank you right now as I'm grieving the end of yet another relationship, and that is I'd like to thank him for introducing Butch Walker into my life. Butch Walker makes me happier than any man I have ever known ever could, and it was also the best live show I have ever seen. Through my friends in The Fags I got to spend quality time learning about the man, and I fell even more in love with the music.
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All Good Things End Up Happy [28 Apr 2005|02:40am]
[ mood | tired ]

James and I had a talk.

I offended James.

James made me cry

James apologized after I took a bath

I apologized too

Its all good. :).

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Something one of my fags needs to buy me hehe [28 Jan 2005|12:25pm]
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scrumpdidlyumtious [27 Jan 2005|09:21pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

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Help Me [18 Nov 2004|09:14pm]
Post a memory of me.
It can be anything you want, just so long as it happened.

Then post this to your journal.
See what people remember about you.
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I Will Always Love You [03 Nov 2004|06:48pm]
[ mood | sad ]

I salute you Senator Kerry. That probably was one of the most gracious speeches I have ever watched on television. I've tried so hard not to cry,and to be strong in the face of the adversity. Just know that I would've been proud to "Send You"

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[25 May 2004|11:42pm]
My daddy was killed Friday night in a car accident....I'll explain more later
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For the person I care about I say... [12 Apr 2004|12:31pm]
I'm sorry Amber.
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Hey [29 Feb 2004|10:54pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Hey there kids a friends cut has been done. Most of the people I deleted were people who had already deleted me. Otherwise I deleted a few other people, because they didn't post that often or because I just didn't pay as much attention to your journal entries as I would like to be able too. I'm sorry if you're upset you got cut.

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Random quiz...no cut [21 Feb 2004|10:35am]
[ mood | bitchy ]

You Are Most Like Charlotte!

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audio post [07 Nov 2003|04:53pm]
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Question [23 Oct 2003|11:24am]
[ mood | artistic ]

Who saw GC on The Young and The Hopeless Tour and what were your experiences...

Did you cry?
Did you laugh?
Did you meet the boys?
How hot was Billy? LOL sorry I had to ask
Any problems or extreme happiness?

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New mood theme [08 Oct 2003|01:22pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

I am creating a new mood theme for my journal. I'm just plain tired of Billy LOL. Anyway Jo, if you still want a Billy or GC one for your journal I can do it for you, but you need to find a place to host the pics from. Love ya.

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For you my dear [09 Sep 2003|01:39am]
[ mood | tired ]

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[07 Jul 2003|04:14pm]
[ mood | tired ]

What rating is your journal?

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